Taking a Break
he band are taking a break for the next while, but we hope still to be getting together for special projects and gigs. Hope to see you there! In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with the band, you can do so via Watercolour Music – the contact details are at the bottom of the site pages.

November News

The gigs this weekend in Portree and Arisaig were brilliant. In Portree, Arthur was feeling poorly with a chest infection but he's an old trooper and the show went on. A couple of cailleachs offered to rub his chest with Vick’s but he manfully turned them down! We were meant to have two Irish musicians, Astrid and Liam to share the stage with us but unfortunately they were held up by an accident on the journey to Skye and arrived as we were singing our encore! Well done to you both for going on at the last minute and finishing the night for us. What an audience you have in Arisaig!! They're great craic! Well worth the journey on winding roads and dodging the stags on the way home! Looking forward to Farr in a couple of weeks time when they celebrate St Andrew's Night on Saturday 25th November.It's worth going for Sheena's tea and fabulous baking at half time!! Quote of the year from a young fan at the gig in Arisaig - “Cliar are better than Busted and Beyoncé!!”

Just finished the first three dates of our Autumn Tour:

Started off in Stornoway in the new Lanntair.

What a lovely venue, Coves! Smashing audience too!

Thanks, Alex, for looking after us.

Early start on the ferry but the girls and Ross went shopping on the way to Fochabers. He won the most unusual purchase competition – an axe!!!

The girls thought they’d be smart and miss the horrendous roadworks on the way there by taking a detour on the back roads. What an adventure! We would like to apologise if we drove through your field or front garden and we were only ten minutes ahead of Arthur who took the main road!

Good luck Calum Stewart for January in the Young Traditional Musician Competition!

Stirling was as enjoyable as ever. Nice to see old friends there and meet new ones too, all the way from Doncaster!

Portree and Arisaig  this week – see you there!!

Baby News in September

Maggie has a new grand-daughter called Freya.
Ross has a new baby daughter called Kirsty Ann.
Ingrid is expecting a baby in March.

She's meant to be on tour with Cliar then!!
We'll just have to take hot water and plenty towels with us !!


NEW - New York Gallery

New York -The People’s Poetry Gathering. May 2006.

A very exciting time for us as taking part in The People’s Poetry Gathering in New York also meant singing at the United Nations Headquarters. That’s a pretty cool venue in any musician’s experience!

Cliar at the U.N.

There we took part in a major presentation called ‘The Stones of Civilisation’ with other poets and musicians who write and perform in the world’s endangered languages. Along with Native American, Basque, Irish, Scots, Aborigine, Welsh, African, Maori, Indian performers, Cliar were asked to bring a small stone from their country and paint or write the word for poem/poetry/verse/song on this stone in their native language. We went one better as we know a man who can (!) and asked Jon Hearach to engrave a stone with ‘ oran ’ on one side and a beautiful celtic design on the other.

Organiser, Katherine Fletcher, is to present the stones to Koffi Annan , the current Secretary General of the United Nations.

Arthur then had everyone raising the roof of the U.N. with ‘Filoro’! Spine-tingling!

A favourite performance of ours was from the Aborigine children and their Kangaroo Dance.

Donna Cunningham does a very creditable performance of the same!

We had a ball in New York !

For Ingrid and Maggie, the shopping was fabulous!

For Arthur, he had the best steak of his entire life!

Chaz just had the New ‘Yoikers’ in stitches with his American/Glaswegian patter!


The band are flying to New York on 3rd May to attend the Poetry Gathering. One of the highlights of this visit will be playing in the U.N. itself!! Cool gig. Ross will not be going to New York with the band – he has a much more important date to keep – he's getting married to Eilidh Shaw that weekend. Chaz stewart is back for this gig, guesting on guitar while Ross ties the knot. Ross is also going to be a daddy this summer. Other really important news is that Hector is recovering after injuring his back . He bought a new exercise bike and hurt his back while carrying it up the stairs!! Maryann has made an important agricultural purchase – she’s bought a tractor!!!

Big thanks to the Scottish Arts Council and the British Council for the assistance they gave us for this trip.