Cliar's long-awaited third CD is of the high standard expected of this band. Delightful and innovative but firmly rooted in Gaelic tradition.

It’s been a couple of years of change since the last album but the new line up has emerged stronger than ever, still capable of ‘bringing you heaven without the inconvenience, as it were, of going to the other side’ (Rob Adams, The Herald). Guitarist, Ross Martin, is now a firmly established member of the line up and newest recruit, Hector Henderson, brings a fresh new sound with pipes and whistle.

'S i nighean mo ghaoil, an nighean donn òg - 3.55
Gaol nam fear dubh - 3.02
Ho ro mo chuachag - 2.52
9/8 tunes - 3.10
Ho mo nighean donn bhòidheach - 2.45
Mo rùn air na maraichean - 4.10
Strathspeys & Reels - 4.29
Iain Ghlinn Cuaich - 5.00
Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais - 5.25
A nìghneag a ghràidh - 4.14
Puirt a Beul - 3.50
An gille mear/The King of Laois - 5.31
Tune set with Altan - 4.13


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Described by The List as "one of the most beautiful sounds in 21st century Scotland", Cliar features Gaelic singers Arthur Cormack, Mary Ann Kennedy and Maggie
MacDonald, pianist and clàrsach player Ingrid Henderson, fiddler Bruce MacGregor and guitarist Chaz Stewart.

In a short space of time, Cliar have played all over Scotland and Ireland, and took Cape Breton by storm with their appearance at the Celtic Colors festival in 2001, earning them reviews proclaiming "this was the best performance I've seen yet of this great Scottish vocal tradition, and it earned Cliar a well-deserved standing ovation." They have even played in front of thousands of people at the Royal Albert Hall, but are always happy touring the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, where they are based.

Cliar's members are steeped in Highland music and song traditions, and this comes through in their music, whether it be simple Gaelic love songs, the works of the great bards, or modern tunes on the fiddle, piano and clàrsach.

Strathspeys and Reels - 5.22
Dòmhnall an Dùin - 4.36
Nighean Donn a' Chuailein Rìomhaich - 3.42
Ingy's Jigs - 3.21
An Gille Dubh Ciar Dubh - 2.38
Cailleach an Airgid/Rachainn a shuiridh air Oighrig - 3.15
Bruce's Reels - 3.50
A' Chailin Mhaiseach Dhonn - 3.34
Puirt a-beul - 4.31
Am Buachaille Bàn - 4.58
Shona Macdonald - 3.10
O thoir a nall am Botul - 3.07





Featuring traditional and Contemporary Gaelic Song and Highland Music with Arthur Cormack (Gaelic Song), Ingrid Henderson (Piano & Clàrsach), Mary Ann Kennedy (Gaelic Song & Clàrsach), Maggie Macdonald (Gaelic Song), Bruce MacGregor (Fiddle) & Chaz Stewart (Guitar), this is Cliar’s debut album, which described by one BBC presenter, Anne Marie Middleton of 'Global Gathering' as' the album of the year so far', and which went on to win Best Album at the inaugural Scots Trad Music Awards.

Clò Mhic Ille Mhìcheil & Blue Bonnets - 3.57
A Fheasgaich Oig as Ceanalta - 2.25
The DTs set - 4.31
Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn - 4.48
Puirt a Beul - 3.47
Dòmhnall nan Dòmhnall - 4.21
The Nameless Clan - 4.08
Cumha Coire Cheathaich - 4.04
Bha Mo Leannan Ann - 3.00
The Para Handy Set - 5.01
Ghràidh an Tig Thu? - 3.55
The Harpie Set - 4.45
'S truagh nach d' rugadh dall mi - 4.53







LASAIR DHE is a unique collection of spiritual featuring Cliar - Arthur Cormack, Ingrid Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie Macdonald, Bruce MacGregor and Chaz Stewart - along with guests Donnie Murdo MacLeod and Kenna Campbell, and over 200 singers from Gaelic choirs throughout Scotland.

Since its commission by the Highland Festival in 1999, where it won a Saltire Award, Lasair Dhè has taken root in the musical tradition of the Highlands and beyond. The psalms have been heard in churches, but also on stage, radio and television. These live recordings from Glasgow and Edinburgh finally create a permanent record of a project which has had a major impact on the Gaelic world and which we hope will continue to bear fruit.

Massed Gaelic Choirs - Athchuinge - 3.07
Maggie Macdonald with Massed Gaelic Choirs - Psalm 92 - 2.58
Cliar with Female Voices - Psalms 117/150 - 4.25
Massed Gaelic Choirs - Psalm 42:1-3 and 6-10 - 4.31
Cliar - Psalms 19:1-6, 14 and 8:3-9 - 4.08
Cliar & Massed Gaelic Choirs - Psalm 24 - 6.58
Cliar & Massed Gaelic Choirs - Psalm 108 - 5.24
Kenna Campbell - Psalm 23 The Lord's my Shepherd - 2.57
Donnie Murdo MacLeod with Massed Gaelic Choirs and Audience - Psalm 139: 5,6 - 3.25
Cliar - Solus m' Aigh - 4.13
Cliar - Triall Chaluim Chille - 9.21
Massed Gaelic Choirs - Cearcall a' Chuain - 3.19
Glasgow Islay Junior Gaelic Choir, Còisir Bunsgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu, Cliar - Psalm 139:1-9 - 4.20
Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu
MacLeod / Kennedy / MacGregor - Cia domhain gràdh an Athar dhuinn - 4.49
Massed Gaelic Choirs and Lyle Kennedy - Psalm 65:1 - 2.39


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