From: Arthur Daughter!!
I love this it's cool!:)

eilidh xxx

A charaid choir:

Cuir mi meal-an-neadheach oriibh airson a WEBSITE.
Chuala mi na orain agus na ceol CLIAR an de. A cur surd orm!
Is duilich leam gu cha robh gu Alba am blianna seo!
Thoir na fans misneach mhath dhaith!

Cum oirbh!
Cum ar cum ar cum ar naire Keep, keep, keep your attention
Air an iar 's air an ait a dh'fhàg sibh
On the west and on the place you left behind
'S cuimhnich cuimhnich gu robh agaibh
Remember, remember that you experienced
Dualchas àraid agus luachmhòr ann
A unique culture of great worth....

Nach eil dona sae bad for an American...but of course my
grandfather hailed from the Moray First near Inversness and my mother was an Islander who came to the USA in 1923.  As a boy we sang the big songs both Scottish and Irish.  We heard Welsh singers too though we know but a few words of Cymric so different it is!

To me the richness and spiritual depth of these songs were always more appealing than the crass, superficial, commercial and almost pornographic pop music of my youth which by today stands was relatively innocent though it was extremely hedonistic (and shallow) in tone.  

Aye, ‘tis the sacred music and the Highland and Irish music I love and I always will until the day I die.

I just love LASAIR DHE that unique collection of spiritual songs that feature Cliar - Arthur Cormack, Ingrid Henderson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maggie Macdonald, Bruce MacGregor and Chaz Stewart - along with guests Donnie Murdo MacLeod and Kenna Campbell, and over 200 singers from Gaelic choirs throughout Scotland!


08/05/2006: Absolutely wonderful time in New York. Ross: can I have my job back? - Chaz Stewart

08/05/2006: We attended your concert on Saturday afternoon (part of the Poetry Bash) in New York City - just fantastic!  We so wish it had been better advertised so you could have had a bigger crowd – I would have brought friends, had I known you’d be performing.  What a great bit of synchronicity to run into you in the Grad Center lobby, elevator & 3rd floor music rooms while we were on the way to our rehearsal!  I have been studying Gaidhlig for a year now (Teach Yourself Gaelic – a wonderful, rhythmic & lively language), spurred on by hearing Art's two solo recordings (where I first heard of Mary Ann Kennedy - Ruith na Goaith - and thus about Cliar), & am so touched by all of your open-hearted & open-voiced performances.  You are truly inspiring to me as a singer myself.  It's amazing how you find the heart of these old songs & add just the right amount of modernity to make them sound completely fresh.  We want to hear more of you! (Just ordered "Grinn, Grinn"). Thanks, Ingrid, for speaking with us after the show.  We hope you had a good time in NYC, and I hope to maybe see some of you on Skye the first week of July this year - I'm planning to take a class at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (either Gaidhlig or Gaelic Song)!  Beannachd leibh! Mar sin leibh, James Ruff, New York


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